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Products details of Galvanized Steel Wire Strand

Galvanized Steel Wire are steel ropes stranded by several galvanized carbon steel wires concentrically.

Every single wire is high strength steel wire hard-drawn and Zinc or Zn-5 Al-MM alloy coated.

There are many application circumstances for GSW wires.


  1. Used as reinforced core wire or strength member for bare Aluminum Conductor.
  2. Messenger wire, span wire providing stability and support for wind power generation´╝îelectrical and telephone lines, railway and metro systems, radio towers and antenna as well.
  3. As ground wire, earth wire or static wire for electrical power transmission lines.
  4. Stay or guy wire to add stability and reliability for poles, tower and other facilities requiring guying.
  5. Barrier cable or guard rail strand for high way and other similar purposes.
  6. Wind bracing as vertical supporting in steel structure buildings

Product Features

  • Excellent corrosion resistance and coating is adequate for ordinary environments.
  • High strength defined by its mechanical characteristics.
  • Service life spans decades and more.

Our Advantage

  1. Meticulous quality control from material choosing to specific diameter drawing.
  2. Liberal zinc coating across the entire surface of wire guarantee you an excellent corrosion resistant layer as well as a bright finish.
  3. Massive production offer you competitive price.
  4. Free sample and OEM.


  • Galvanized steel wire are concentrically stranded.
  • Strands: 1X3, 1X7, 1X19, 1X37


  • Galvanizing class availability includes "A", "B" and "C". "A" being the least heavy and "C" being the most heavy.
  • Meets or exceeds ASTM Specifications A475(with welds) or ASTM A363(without welds) and its equivalent standards including BS 183.
  • Outer Diameter from 3.18 mm to 31.75 mm
  • Rare specifications or producing by your sample can also be full filled.

Please contact for fast quotation or stock status check, our service team is standby for instant response.

Download full specifications table of GSW we manufactured.

RMJT GSW ASTM A475 Standard Specification Table
ASTM A 363 (Weldless) is also available in these sizes and grades upon request.

RMJT GSW BS 183 Standard Specification Table

Or free to open the link above to preview in your browser.

TThese PDF formated form charts contain comprehensive information of physical properties including diameter, size, stand, weight, strength of RMJT Galvanized Steel Wire Strand.s

Process and Package information of Galvanized Steel Wire Strand

RMJT Galvanized Steel Wire Strand manufacture process


  1. Galvanized Steel Wire Strand - GSW manufacture main process contains Acid Cleaning, Phosphorus, Drawing, Weighing Inspection,Hot Dip Galvanizing, Tubular Stranding,Inspection, Package and Storage, and every main process has a quality gateway.
  2. We have ZERO tolerate for flaw products, quality you can trust.
  3. Factory and capacity has been verified by Bureau Veritas as well as a series of inspections including CCC, ISO, OHSAS etc.
  4. Third-party inspection is welcomed, we are happy to cooperate.
RMJT Galvanized Steel Wire Strand package status


  • Finished GSW are rolled to steel/wooden reels, some called drum or spool, which can be easily load into shipping container and unpacked for on-site installation.
  • Drum/Spool are covered with plastic film for water-proof and sealed with pined slabs.
  • Outer surface of reel/drum is reinforced with steel strip for additional strength.
  • Our package measures are more than solid for overseas shipping.
  • Package Diameter of Reel/Drum can vary with your requirement, both steel and wood available.

Customer Show

RMJT Galvanized Steel Wire Strand customer factory tour

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