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Products details of Aluminum Conductor Steel Supported(ACSS) - ASTM B856

ACSS conductors are manufactured in accordance with the latest issue of ASTM B856. The steel strands form the central core of the cable, around which is stranded one or more layers of aluminum 1350-O wires.

The “O” temper of the aluminum, a fully annealed or soft temper, causes most or all of the mechanical load on ACSS to be carried by the steel.

Standard ACSS designs are manufactured with regular-strength Class A zinc-5% aluminum mischmetal alloy-coated steel core (/MA2). The steel core may consist multiple wires.


  1. Aluminum conductor steel-supported (ACSS) is used for overhead transmission lines.
  2. It is especially useful in reconductoring applications requiring increased current with existing tensions and clearances.
  3. New line applications where structures can be economized due to reduced sag.
  4. New line applications requiring high emergency loadings; and lines where aeolian vibration is a problem.

Product Features

  • Operates continuously at high temperatures up to 250 °Cwith appropriate steel core coating vs. 100 °C for standard ACSR.
  • Carries substantially more current than standard ACSR.
  • Less susceptible to aeolian vibration fatigue due to the very low mechanical load on the annealed aluminum wire.
  • Can be installed to the maximum tensions.
  • Minimum average conductivity of 63% ICAS exceeds average conductivity of 61.2% ICAS for EC 1350 H19 aluminum.
  • Reduced sag allows for lower transmission tower height.
  • Long term creep is not a factor.

Our Advantage

  1. Proudly be verified by BureauVeritas, ISO, CCC, OHSAS etc.
  2. Massive production offer your competitive price.
  3. Free sample and OEM.
  4. Manufacture and export ACSS since 2007.


  • 1350-0 annealed aluminum wires concentric-lay-stranded with one or more galvanized steel wires as core for support.
  • Al/St 6/1, 7/1, 8/1, 12/7, 16/19, 18/1, 24/7, 26/7, 30/7, 30/19, 36/1, 54/7, 54/19, 72/7, 76/19, 84/19.


  • RMJT ACSS Products meet or exceeds the requirements as per standard ASTM B856 or equal to other standard for other country
  • AWG / MCM range: from 266.8 to 2515
  • MA2/MA3/MA4/MA5 different strength grade zinc-5% aluminum mischmetal alloy-coated steel core available
  • Grease or other special treatment is available as you required.
  • Bluejay, curlew, hawk, osprey, partridge, penguin, rail, raven, drake, cardinal, lapwing, tern, grosbeak are the most popular grades and code names within ASTM B856 asked by our customers.

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Download full specifications table of ACSS we manufactured.

Or free to open the link above to preview in your browser.

This PDF formated form chart contains comprehensive information about current, size, ampacity, weight, strength and resistance of RMJT ASTM B856 ACSS conductor as well as other details about physical and electrical properties.

Process and Package information of ACSS - ASTM B856

RMJT ACSS - ASTM B856 manufacture process


  1. ACSS Conductor manufacture process contains more than 30 sub-processes, and every main process has a quality gateway.
  2. We have ZERO tolerate for flaw products, quality you can trust.
  3. Factory and capacity has been verified by Bureau Veritas as well as a series of inspections including CCC, ISO, OHSAS etc.
  4. Third-party inspection is welcomed, we are happy to cooperate.
RMJT ACSS - ASTM B856 package status


  • Finished ACSS conductor cables are rolled to steel/wooden reels, some called drum, which can be easily load into shipping container and unpacked for on-site installation.
  • Rolled conductor wires/cables are covered with plastic film for water-proof and sealed with pined slabs.
  • Outer surface of reel/drum is reinforced with steel strip for additional strength.
  • Our package measures are more than solid for international cargo shipping.
  • Package Diameter of Reel/Drum can vary with your requirement, both steel and wood available.

Customer Show

RMJT ACSS customer factory tour

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