1/0 AWG Oilnut Covered AAAC Conductor

ItemTechnical and Specification Sheet - Physical and Electrical Properties Table
Conductor TypeAAAC
Code WordOilnut
Size - AWG / Kcmil1/0
Number of Wires7
Number of Wires0.06 inch or 1.524 mm
Approx Cable Overall Diameter0.518 inch or 13.15 mm
Conductor Weight114.904912304281 lbs/1000ft or 170.99 kg/km
Total Weight (PE Covered)160 lbs/1000ft or 238.09 kg/km
Total Weight (XLPE Covered)166.1 lbs/1000ft or 247.17 kg/km
Rated Strength4010 lbs or 17.84 kN
Ampacity (PE Covered)250 amps
Ampacity (XLPE Covered)285 amps


Dimensions and weights not designated minimum or maximum are nominal values and subject to manufacturing tolerances.

Electricity Properties are based on theory calculation, values are subject to final production test results.

Normal length and shipping tolerances apply.

Reel sizes may vary.

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