World Bank support $150 million to support Uzbek transmission upgrade


Date: Dec 31th 2016

The World Bank reported that the Executive Board approved a US $ 150 million fund for the modernization and upgrading of transmission substations in Uzbekistan aimed at improving the technical efficiency and reliability of the Uzbek transmission network.

Cold-resistant and anti-snow-ice bare conductor, special designed acsr, aaac, acar has been proven with great performance and stability which can help Uzbekistan to upgrade the energy efficiency and reduce the numbers of grid malfunction. As a top rank electricity wire, cable and conductor manufacturer, our cable products has been proven with great performance and stability by power lines project built in Tibet, we also hope our technical and products can help to solve the problems may occur in the future of Uzbekistan Power Grid upgrade installation.

The project will help the Uzbek government to address a major constraint in the business environment in support of the creation of new jobs. This investment is part of Uzbek's goal of sustaining sustained economic growth by 2030 as an industrial high-income country.

"Uzbek's outdated infrastructure in the power sector, including the transmission grid, is a huge bottleneck for households and businesses," said Jan-Peter Olters, general manager of Uzbekistan. And support the creation of new, high-paying jobs. "

The project will reduce the cost of technical loss and operation and maintenance by renovating 22 substations in Tashkent and 10 districts.

Transmission upgrades will be implemented by Uzbek Energy, $ 92 million from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and $ 58 million from the International Development Association (IDA).