Ukraine still has no plans to restore electricity exports to Russia


Date: February 4th

Ukraine has no plans to resume electricity exports to Belarus, Moldova and Russia in February, despite surpluses expected to come from the completion of three reactors at the Ukrainian nuclear plant.

According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Coal Industry official website published in February 2017 Ukraine power grid forecast balance of power exports to Eastern Europe program is 450 million kwh, compared with February 2016 of 363 million kwh increased by 24%.

Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry is expected in February this year, compared to February 2015 generating capacity of 14.180 billion kwh, will grow 5.1%, an increase of about 680 million kwh. Of which 7.35 billion kwh of electricity from the Ukrainian nuclear power plant, accounting for 52.1% of the total power; 4.21 billion kwh of electricity produced by the thermal power plant, accounting for 29.78%; 1.473 billion kwh by integrated heating power plant production, accounting for 10.44%; 1.98 billion kwh produced by the hydropower station, accounting for 4.95%; 1.39 million kwh by the pumped storage power plant production, accounting for 0.99%; 117 million kwh by the independent power plant production, accounting for 0.83%; 130 million kwh by the unconventional Resource production, accounting for 0.92% (such as wind farms, solar power plants, biomass power plants, etc.).