Today we shipped 5 TEUs 387km ACSR to South East Asia


Today we shipped 5 TEUs 387km ACSR  to South East Asia

5 TEUs (Standard 20’ Container) was shipped early today, the loading process took about 2 hours.

The first container arrived at 13:21 PM, and before that our loading staff has already transport the cable reels from the warehouse to the loading area, so the whole ship loading process goes smoothly as it was expected.

With the help of loading track and forklift, all the work of our employees are making sure all the drums stacked and fixed steady and solid inside the container.

ACSR Raven conductor shipping loading process

Check the short video captured by our staff to know how the work is done.

Product details about this shipping:

  • Products: ACSR - Aluminum conductor steel reinforced
  • Product Code Name: Raven
  • Specifications: AWG/MCM 1/0  6/1 3.37mm ACSR Conductor
  • Application: Overhead long distance high voltage electricity power transmission application
  • Quantity: 387km
  • Destination: South East Asia

For now these containers are laying in the container station waiting for the further instructions of shipping company. Cargo will be arrive destination within 20 days.