The demand for UAVs and robots grows for transmission and distribution


UAV for power lines

US market research firm Navigant Research recently released a notice that in 2026, the global transmission and distribution market demand for unmanned aerial vehicles and robotics will reach 13.2 billion US dollars.

UAVs and robotics have the potential to revolutionize the way utilities interact with T & D systems and collect critical data. As pilot projects continue to drive regulatory change and emerging technology advances, Navigant Research predicts that by 2026, UAV and robotics will grow exponentially in the area of ​​power, distribution and distribution hardware, software and services.

Michael Hartnack, research analyst at Navigant Research, said: "Navigant Research has identified three core drivers of change in utility operations: speed, economy and security. UAV and robotics are likely to achieve significant growth in these three areas , Mainly through ground, line suspension and aerial drone innovations. "

According to the report, power companies should continue to deploy pilot projects because every successful pilot project will lead to more innovation. It is expected that the popularization of these projects will help to overcome the regulatory barriers to a slowdown in the market and ultimately promote significant growth.