Shipping is On-going as Scheduled no Break on Weekend


AAAC AND ACSR Conductor Shipping

About 8 containers - Total weight 200 tons of Cable cargo are shipped at the end of this week, from Friday to Sunday. As a manufacturer of conductor, cable and wire, we knows the trustworthiness is built by every punctual delivery as we promised. To ensure the schedule goes as planed, sales department are responsible for coordinating the raw material purchasing department, manufacturing department, Inspection department and Packaging-Shipping department. So the sales department is head of departments in our company, as they knows how long the production process would take, the date of ship departure, transporting days to destination and the most important things is they face our customers directly and we care customers' satisfaction.

Not all the cables ordered by clients are shipped by full load containers, some of them are shipped through bulk load to save the shipping cost after confirmation is received from our clients, as you may noticed the average cost of container shipping fees in China has been raised to 40% higher at least by carriers in the past a few weeks. Shipping by bulk load may have the problem of complicated procedures and extremely low efficiency, and will increase the workload of our package and shipping team, but it can be arranged.

The shipped cables covered a wide range of types and specifications, including bare aluminum conductor (mainly AAAC conductor and ACSR conductor), Aluminum insulated conductor (Service drop cable and Concentric insulated aluminum cable), shipped to countries of SouthEast Asia, Middle East and South Africa.