Schneider gets renewed power supply contract in Saudi Arabia


Schneider gets renewed power supply contract in Saudi Arabia

Schneider Electric recently announced that it has renewed its three-year agreement with Saudi Aramco to continue to provide Saudi Arabia with reliable and cost-effective electricity.

 Schneider Electric's president of state signed a memorandum of understanding with VP of Engineering for the State Grid Corporation of China to promote the exchange of knowledge, experience, best practices and technology between the two organizations through regular exchanges. Technology Forum takes place in both venues.

These companies will also expand their collaboration as partners to make decisions on standards, specifications, engineering, design, maintenance, and operations. In addition, Schneider Electric will continue to provide SEC / State Grid Corporation with training on key areas agreed to by both parties, particularly on environmental issues and regulations that affect the industry.

The President of Schneider Electric states "Our relationship with the SEC / SGC is solid and this relationship is reinforced by the expansion of this important Memorandum of Understanding. As part of the agreement, we will continue to work on developing a dedicated Targeting the Saudi Arabian market standards and specifications, we will expand our cooperation with SNEC in the areas of substation design and automation, smart grid, maintenance and asset management.

He added, "We are working to improve the standardization of engineering and design of equipment in compliance with the requirements and requirements of the SEC / SGC. Schneider Electric will continue to provide training and advanced certification programs for State Grid engineers." We are very pleased See this great achievement, and will make further efforts to enable more employees to promote the country's power infrastructure. "

Through this MOU update, Schneider Electric will step up its efforts to further recruit Saudi engineers in all necessary areas. The Company will further utilize its internationally renowned expertise in design, installation and maintenance and capitalize on its successful training in the implementation of this Agreement.

"We think this renewal of MOU's renewal agreement is a proof of its great success, and we will continue our efforts to expand the nationalization and localization of resources in this key industry in Saudi Arabia awaiting its substantial growth," said the vice president of engineering at Saudi Arabian National Grid Corporation. Schneider Electric helps us bring local global expertise to the scene and is committed to further helping us improve our existing know-how. "