Proper load with care, thumbs up for our forklift driver


aaac conductor cable reel loading area

Cable drums was moved to opening loading area within our warehouse and plant in free formation, so they can be easily lifted up and transported to the container. Actually this is completed by our shipping and loading team early morning today.

All Aluminum Conductor Shipping Process

The loading process started immediately as soon as the container trucks arrived in the afternoon, and only takes 40 minutes till container loaded, sealed and passed the final inspection if our shipping checkpoint. A professional forklift driver with steady and gentle operation for cable reel makes the whole loading process smooth and efficient, in fact this drive has been working in our company for 7 years, a loyal and dedicated professional. Check our fresh new youtube videos to learn how we load all aluminum alloy strand conductor.

RMJT Cable Youtube Channel

Shipped Cable details

+ Product Type:  AAAC - all aluminum alloy strand conductor
+ Application:  Primary and secondary conductor for electricity power transmission with excellent electrical and physical performance
+ Specification:  19/2.17mm - 70mm2
+ Quantity:  450km in 4 FEU (40 feet container)
+ Destination:  Middle East