Power supply memorandum signed between Gambia and Senegal


Power supply memorandum signed between Gambia and Senegal

Gambia and Senegal signed a memorandum of understanding on cross-border power supply

Gambia and Senegal signed a memorandum of cooperation on cross-border power supply to consolidate energy cooperation between the two countries. The memorandum of cooperation is designed to meet the electricity needs of the people of the Gambia and provide 24-hour electricity.

In addition to finalizing the memorandum of cooperation, Seneel State Electric Company (SENELEC) and Gambia National Hydro (NAWEC) have also launched a preferential draft agreement. The power purchase agreement is subject to the consent of both representatives to sign the final agreement.

It is reported that the transaction aims to ensure that Senegal's national electricity for the Gambia National Hydroelectric Corporation to provide 3-10 megawatts of electricity, and with the power grid capacity to increase supply.

Through this cooperation, most of the rural areas of the Gambia are expected to receive sustained access to electricity, thus achieving a major milestone in government rural electrification planning.

Recently, a delegation led by Minister of Oil and Energy of the Gambia, Fafa Sanyang, visited the capital of Senegal, Dakar.

During the talks with Prime Minister Mahmult Dione of Senegal, Sanyang expressed the Gambian government's expectation for broader cooperation in energy and oil in the two countries, bringing more electricity and energy to the people of the Gambia.

For the memorandum of cooperation, Dione confirmed that the Government of Senegal would provide full support to the Government of the Gambia and urged both officials to take the necessary diplomatic channels to implement the cross-border power supply agreement.