No break on Sunday -Thank you our great workers


Date: March 5th, Sunday

No break on Sunday -Thank you our great workers

It’s a little busy today for our shipment arrangement department, and we are still not 100% occupied. 2 shipments were arranged today, one is LCL, and other is FCL of 27 containers (15 loaded today and the rest will be done tomorrow). Just check how we load the reels and make sure even a rough and bumpy overseas transportation will be fine.

Cargo details as below:

=> Bulk loaded and transport to Tianjin Port

  • Duplex service drop - Overhead insulated cable
    • Specification: 6 AWG Code name Claflin
    • Standard: ASTM B231, B609, B786, B901
    • Application: 0.6/1kV electricity power distribution - Service Drop
    • Quantity: 15KM
    • Destination: North America
  • GSW - Galvanized Steel Wire
    • Specification: 7/3.05 Extra-high
      Strength Grade
    • Standard: ASTM A475
    • Application: As ground wire, earth wire or static wire for electrical power transmission lines.
    • Quantity: 70KM
    • Destination: South Africa

=> 15 FEU(40” containers)

  • ACSR (All aluminum conductor steel reinforced)
    • Specification: 795MCM
      • Al/St Strands - 26 / 7
      • Al/St Dia - 4.44 / 3.45
    • Standard: ASTM B232
    • Application: Supply for high voltage electricity transmission project tender
    • Quantity: 690KM
    • Destination: South Asia