New Shipment to South Asia


New Shipment to South Asia

Today we shipped in 3x50mm2 cu/xlpe/pvc power cable total length 9km in one 20GP container to South Asia.

Container truck arrived at 15:35, a bit late than the scheduled time.

The whole loading process takes about 30 minutes. As the customer asked, all the cable drums are stacked on a
serving tray for better unload performance.

Container is almost fully occupied, so the cable drums can support each other and stay stable for a bumpy and rough overseas shipping.

Cable details:

+ CU/XLPE/PVC Power Cable
+ Application:  Used as  power lines direct burial underground or in dust.
+ Specification:  3x50mm2, xlpe 1mm, pvc 1.7mm, OD 27.3mm
+ Quantity:  9km in 1 TEU (20GP)
+ Destination:  South Asia