New delivery activities - 4 FEU (40" container) shipped today


Date: March 2th 2017

New delivery activities - 4 FEU (40" container) shipped today. 2 shipments was managed today, and both was completed smoothly. Both shipped products are AAAC all aluminum alloy conductors with different specification according to ASTM B399 and IEC 61089 standards.

Products details are listed as below:


1 FEU(40" container)

Product: 50mm2 AAAC (All aluminum alloy conductor)
Specification: 7 strands and single wire dia 3.02mm
Standard: ASTM B399
Application: As core conductor for ABC cable
Quantity: 300KM
Destination: Latin American


3 FEU(40" containers)

Products: 30mm2, 120mm2 AAAC (All aluminum alloy conductor)
Standard: ASTM B399, ASTM B398 and Iec 61089
Specification: 7 / 2.34mm for 30mm AAAC conductor; 19 / 4.67mm for 120mm2 AAAC Conductor
Application: Overhead long distance high voltage electricity power transmission application
Quantity: 400KM
Destination: Latin American

All these cargoes will arrives their destinations in the next half and a month.