Nepal adjusts cross-border transmission lines to China


Nepal  transmission lines

The Nepal Power Authority (NEA) has developed a new route for Nepal-China cross-border transmission lines to avoid Langtang National Park in the north of Kathmandu.

The preliminary feasibility report prepared by NEA last month has identified three possible routes for the proposed cross-border transmission line, but NEA managing director Kulman Ghising rejected all of these routes because the planned route crossed the nature reserve and wildlife reserve. .

Ghising then ordered Komal Atreya, the supervisor of NEA's monitoring department and the coordinator of the cross-border power line project, to find a route that completely avoided the national park.

Atreya said: "A team of engineers visited the site and they proposed an alternative route. We will now submit a report to the general manager and forward it to the Department of Energy."

After the ministry approved the route, NEA will negotiate with the State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) to complete the transaction and construction model. The Chinese government has designated the State Grid Corporation of China as a development agency for cross-border transmission lines in China and Nepal.

The proposed new route avoids the national park, but it is located at high altitude and is covered by snow all year round, which also causes great construction difficulties.

Atreya said: "If we choose a new route, we will have to erect a tower at a height of 3,800 meters above sea level. However, if the Chinese government helps Nepal because it has established a power line at a higher place than this, This should not be a problem."

Nepal also seeks financial assistance to build a transmission line that is expected to cost 10 billion rupees. According to the information of NEA, China very much hopes to develop this project and give priority to it.

The State Grid Corporation of China visited Nepal in early 2017 and held talks with the Ministry of Energy and the National Energy Administration, planning to build a 400 kV cross-border transmission line. During the meeting, Ghising asked the Chinese delegation to extend the proposed transmission line to the south until Galchhi, so that the transmission line could connect the Nepal-India cross-border transmission line to be built in the Rupandehi area. State Grid officials were positive about Ghising’s proposal.