Myanmar will start multiple natural gas power projects


myanmar natural gas power station

Myanmar will start multiple natural gas power projects

According to Myanmar's "Golden Phoenix" Chinese newspaper reported that the Myanmar Ministry of Electric Power and Energy said that in order to meet its domestic power demand, the Burmese authorities will be within 3 years of LNG power plant construction, in order to achieve the power supply in the power shortage area.

The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Electricity and Energy of Myanmar said that at present, the power station construction project has been basically established and will be respectively conducted in the Gamb area of ​​Tuwa town in Derinda province, in the Miaosai area of ​​Irrawaddy province, in Jiaoao town of Rakhine State District, Yangon Along Township, the construction of 4 liquefied natural gas power plants.

The total installed capacity of the four LNG power plants will reach 3,111 MW, of which 1,230 MW will be installed in the Gambo area, 1,390 MW at the Miezersuka power plant and 135 MW at the Jiao drift power plant, It is 356 MW.

According to Myanmar's national economic construction plan, Yangon Province is listed as a key power supply area in the country, which is the area with the highest electricity demand in Burma and the prime area for power supply in the country. It is estimated that by the fiscal year of 2020-2021, Yangon Electricity demand will reach 6,000 megawatts, while the current maximum power supply in Yangon is only 3,000 megawatts.