Morocco and EU Discuss Strengthening Energy Cooperation


morocco power lines

Recently, Morocco's Minister of Energy, Mining and Sustainable Development and head of the EU delegation held talks to strengthen cooperation in the energy field.

Aziz Rabbah, Minister of Energy of Morocco, and Claudia Wiedey, Head of EU Delegation, met on Tuesday.

During the talks, Aziz Rabbah, Morocco's energy minister, emphasized the important events that Morocco is undertaking as part of its energy strategy in the context of climate change, coastal issues, air pollution and recycling economy.

Rabbah said: "Sustainability, energy and mining needs are seen as part of an integrated approach to investment that is an important economic lever that attracts the interest of major investors."

Rabbah also proposed possible future cooperation with the EU, in particular the exchange of experiences with EU member states and associations, governance of improving energy project management, promotion of investments in the energy sector, and upgrading of distribution networks.