Kenya new power line is expected to put into operation in June


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On January 8, the Kenya Energy Minister said delays in the construction of a power line connecting a 310 MW wind farm and Kenya's national power grid were delayed due to landowner compensation claims and large-scale contractors, and are currently scheduled for operation in June.

Wind power in Kenya is about 25 MW. The country relies mainly on geothermal and hydroelectric power to supply the vast majority of the total generating capacity of 2,341 megawatts.

The 428-kilometer, 400-kilovolt power line is crucial to the Lake Turkana wind project, sending wind from Royan Garang in the north to Mount Suva in central Kenya.

In 2017, Danish wind turbine manufacturer Vestas Wind Systems said the wind farm is ready but will be idle until the government deploys transmission lines.

Charles Keter, secretary of the Department of Energy and Petroleum, said 70% of the power line projects were completed and the rest were powered by high-voltage cables.

"Although there are currently six sub-contractors on site, contractors are also required to complete the hoisting and some of the tower installations." Keter said that "it has to be operational by June of this year or we will have to Pay 1 billion monthly to buy energy. "

Construction of the power line started in November 2015 and is expected to be completed by December 2017, however, it is postponed again.

Apart from the delay caused by the compensation of the landowners, the project also suffered a huge setback after the main contractor Grupo Isolux Corsan in Spain failed due to financial difficulties.

Keter pointed out that the Kenyan government is expected to decide next week whether to wait for Spain to assign another contractor or re-locate the contractor.