Kenya Electricity is implementing underground wiring projects to improve power supply


Kenya Electricity is implementing underground wiring projects to improve power supply

Recently, Kenya Electric Power said it was implementing a $ 130 million underground wiring project to improve the quality of Nairobi's electricity supply.

Ken Tarus, chief executive of Kenya Electric Power, said the underground wiring project is expected to strengthen the bulk power supply system in the city center of Nairobi by providing alternative power supplies for existing substations.

"The underground cabling project was initially focused on Nairobi and would involve building a new substation and associated lines to increase the length of existing underground power grids and provide alternative supply points to minimize power outages," Tarus said.

The underground cabling system will build redundant networks around the city of Nairobi, thereby increasing the flexibility of existing power systems.

The project involves the construction of a new 220/66 kV substation in the city center, 16.5 km 220 kV underground cable from the Kucassia substation to the city center substation at a cost of $ 106 million.

This move is due to the Kenya Power Company's customer base in the past few years has been a substantial increase in the call to invest in the grid to ensure adequate supply of electricity. Since June 2013, the number of customers has increased from 2.3 million to 6 million.

Tarus said the project will also build 25.61 km of 66-kilovolt transmission line underground, connecting the new city center substation to the proposed Likoni Road substation, the Nairobi west, the cathedral, the city square, the Muturwa and the Parklands substation The

At present, the planned 25.71 km 66 kV transmission line has been completed 22 km, Likoni road substation installation work has been completed and pre-commissioned.

"Underground wiring technology is more beautiful and cheaper than land requisition challenges and route requirements," Tarus said.

Underground cabling is one of the ways in which power companies expand and increase distribution capacity. The project is funded by the Export - Import Bank of China for 20 - year concessional loans. Is expected to be completed by the end of July.