Customer from Malaysia and South Africa visits our factory


South Africa Customer Visiting

Both of 2 visiting teams arrived late night yesterday. Our receiving team picked up them from XinZheng Airport Hotel in the early morning and head directly to our factory, our main R&D and manufacturing center located in Gongyi City.

Clients have noticed the position advantage of our company as we are located in the core area of Chinese Aluminum industry including aluminum mining, refining and processing, both upstream and downstream, which are fully supported by power utilities like power plants and reinforced power grids. As we all know, aluminum need electricity to produce. Actually they have witnessed lots of heavy loaded trucks transporting refined aluminum ingot on the high way when leaving for our company.

The Malaysia clients - a 2 people team are mainly here for cable inspection which the contract was signed about 1 month ago. The aluminum alloy conductor and Covered line wire they ordered have completed the manufacturing process and have been reeled to the drum but not sealed yet, the examination report form our quality control (QC) team shows these conductor and cable meet the requirements of intentional electrical standards both in physical and electricity properties, so just waiting for the customer's final inspection, and then the cable and drum will be final sealed and loaded into the container for shipping. The AAAC conductor and Covered Line Wire they ordered will be used for Electricity Power Network Upgrading Project of Malaysia state grids, which is purchase consignment from government to enterprise. Clients also takes a view of our bare aluminum conductor manufacturing line and show a great confidence of cable quality and technical capacity of our company.

The South Africa Clients is the first time to visit our factory, as a famous infrastructure contractor, bidder and also a cable and wire distributor located in South Africa who serves many countries in South and East Africa including Kenya,Tanzania, Mozambique as well as Namibia. The expands of his business needs a more stable and sustained supplier who can provide aluminum and copper power cable both in quantity and quality. We are glad he came to us, on the same side, we are also looking for the opportunities to establish good business relationship with local sales who has a good reputation, its a win-win cooperation. Our products and sales manager Vivian introduced the development history of our company to our clients, our capacity in cable R&D and producing, certificates.

The clients not only checked our cable manufacture plants of our main factory but also visits our subsidiary factory which are mainly focus on manufacturing bare conductor and power cables. It turns out to be a trip full of inspiration and learning, our clients never knows how cable was produced before he came to us. When he know we have full production line for different specifications of power cable, no matter aluminum or copper, armored or unarmored, rates from low voltage to high, after he checked most of our plants in the end, he says, this trip is well worth and far beyond from his anticipation. Also I have to say, it's a busy day and a good day, because we get more valuable information direct from our clients, now we know better about the trends of our customer's demand and where we can improve for a better quality of both cable and services.

Welcome to visit!