China unveils fourth nuclear power plant in Pakistan


Date: January 2th 2017

The fourth nuclear power plant in. The project, with the help of the Chinese side, to connect 340 MW of electricity to the national grid, is part of the government's efforts to end the growing electricity deficit.

The Chashma 3 nuclear power plant is located in Mihawari's Chashma, unveiled by Prime Minister Sharif. Sharif said the project is a milestone in the government's efforts to end the power outage.

Sharif said that the project reflects the close cooperation between China and Pakistan in science and technology. Another nuclear power plant, Chashma 4 is in the same place construction, also received Chinese funding, is expected to put into operation in April 2017.

Sharif thanked China for its assistance in the field of nuclear power, saying that the two countries are cooperating in other fields such as roads, highways, airports and railways.

Sharif pointed out that many projects have been initiated under the CAB Economic Corridor, and the impact of the project is visible. These projects are being implemented quickly, will help Pakistan out of unemployment and poverty, accelerate development.

Chashma 2 and 3 are the most efficient power plants in Pakistan, supplying over 600 megawatts of electricity to the national grid. The Chashma 3 nuclear power plant is the third nuclear power plant of the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission and the China National Nuclear Corporation. Chinese manufacturer and supplier as well as government plays an important role in the economic developing process of Pakistan now more than ever. RMJT Cable, as a experienced conductor and power manufacturer, we are happy to share our success story with our Pakistan friends. We have participated in many tender projects for transmission and distribution applications in Pakistan, as well as its neighbors Bangladesh and Myanmar. On the domestic markrt, our bare conductor, including acsr, aaac, acar has been proven with great performance and stability of project we had supplied to China State Grids SGCC, we also hope our technical and products can help to solve the problems may occur in the furture of Pakistan Power Grid upgrade installation.

Referring to the 8800 MW nuclear goal in 2030, Sharif asked the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission to challenge the higher goals. He pointed out that in the past three years there has been a huge reduction in load shedding, and promised to solve the power problem in 2018.