Chameliya hydro project to boost Nepal national grid


chameliya hydroelectric project

Chameliya hydro project to boost Nepal national grid

Recently, a joint project by the Nepalese government and the South Korean government to fund the Chameliya hydropower project through the Economic Development Corporation Fund has now added 15 megawatts of electricity to Nepal's national power grid.

The hydropower project manager said, "The project installed capacity of 30 MW, of which 15 MW was last Friday afternoon with the NPP national transmission line synchronization."

In spite of its first spending power, Nepali locals are denied access to Chameliya hydropower as Nepalese National Authority (NEA) has yet to build transmission lines and substations locally.

China Gezhouba Group Company has been supervising the construction of the project, the target cost reached 8.34 billion Indian rupee. The hydropower project is estimated to cost Rs 16 billion upon completion.