By 2030 Mozambique will spend $16 billion to expand the grid


By 2030 Mozambique will spend $16 billion to expand the grid

EDM CEO Mateus Magala said the grid system expansion plan is part of Mozambique's electricity plan.

Mateus Magala says Mozambique is rich in natural resources, especially power generation. To achieve everyone's electricity plan, we must expand the power generation, improve the power infrastructure, to solve the last mile power problem. Therefore, by 2030, the field of power grid expansion required investment of 16 billion US dollars.

It is reported that Mozambique has a large hydropower station in Africa, one of the Cahora Bassa hydropower station, installed capacity of 2075 megawatts. At the same time, Mozambique is also accelerating the construction of hydropower stations, raising domestic electricity supply. Not only that, Mozambique has proven to be rich in natural gas reserves.

Magala said that by 2020, large-scale gas power plants will be put into use. Moreover, coal companies, including Rio Tinto, also plan to build power stations to supply, and the excess power sold to the national grid. Therefore, the domestic power grid infrastructure expansion need to be implemented.