Belgium built 3 GW of high-voltage power transmission lines


Belgium built 3 GW of high-voltage power transmission lines

Belgian transmission system operator Elia has commissioned a 380-kilovolt power line that will deliver up to 3 GW of power from the offshore wind farm to the mainland grid.

The Stevin high voltage power line is a 47 km dual link between two cities Zeebrugge and Zoomoheim, of which 37 km are overhead lines and 10 km are underground lines. The 340 million euro power line will transmit power through an interconnected line connected to Elia's modular offshore grid platform.

In addition to the offshore wind power being delivered to land, this power line will also support the transmission of power from the UK and Belgium under the sea cable after 2019.

The new power line will transmit power from the existing 325.2 MW C-Power, 216 MW Northwind, 165 MW Nobelwind and 165 MW Belwind offshore wind farms, as well as under construction and planned wind farms. These include 309 MW of Rentel, 370 MW of Norther and 246 MW of Mermaid wind farms.

Elia started the Stevin Power Line project in early 2015, the largest in the country in the past few years. After the project is put into operation, the company plans to dismantle the 53-kilometer aging power lines in Bruges, Damme, Maldheim and Ekloh. Elia said the projects are expected to be completed by 2020.