Warmly celebrate the people's cable group 2015 annual summary ...


 January 15, the people's cable group of the year 2015 summary and commendation conference in Gongyi Hua Yu Jianguo Hotel is held ceremoniously, top executives of the group, from all over the country on behalf of the franchiser, around the marketing manager, sales of the elite, group headquarters and branch of the family more than 600 people attended the conference.

People's cable group 2015 annual summary and recognition of the general assembly
The meeting will show kicked off at the group's headquarters in the morning of the first family, the 2015 annual summary of the work, from the group of the system responsible person, group company, on behalf of the ten national marketing service center on behalf of reporting speech on the 2015 and 2016 work plan, or their passionate, or heroic, and make a solemn promise on 2016 work, and strive to complete the annual work objectives and continuous efforts; then from Henan and Xuchang to join the civil rights on behalf of Mei Minglei and Qi Xiaoli to speak, they to the group company's corporate culture and brand building to give high recognition and praise, and for the choice of the people of cable group proud; after the group executive general manager Cao Zhifeng he spoke from the summary and looking back and looking forward to the future, dreams, and Prospect of the three aspects were summarized and analyzed, on the one hand Hope that the majority of the franchisee friends can continue to cable group and the people through thick and thin, unite wholeheartedly, achieve new across; at the same time, I hope all the people unite a thought, welcome to, to full completion in 2016 the objectives and tasks and efforts to struggle with hundredfold confidence and indomitable fighting spirit! Finally people cable group chairman Cao Mingju important work report: report pointed out, people's cable group has been established for more than eight years, from 2007 plant until now, has experienced many difficulties and setbacks, in the majority of the franchisee friends to support and help, in the joint efforts of all the people cable people and achieved excellent performance. Over the past year, the group has overcome the complex and volatile international economic environment, the further decline in domestic market demand, product sales and the main economic indicators are higher than the same period last year. Chairman Cao from sales, technical, production, several administration of 2015 work for comprehensive and detailed summary, and 2016. The proposed six directions: increase efforts to open up, expand the marketing network; second, strengthen the scientific research work, the occupation of market opportunities; third, optimize the allocation of resources, promoting management innovation; four, deepen the brand strategy, promote the development of cross; fifth, pay attention to the details of management, forge the product quality; six, pay attention to safety, to build enterprise security. Chairman Cao hope our family in the new year and continue through thick and thin, pioneering and innovative, grab get right on the job really, adhere to the "high-quality cable people made, the cable for the people" of the enterprise purpose, to "people cable make people's lives better" as its mission, with full enthusiasm, high morale, to 2016 the development goals for the full completion of the, then climb the new peak, new achievements, to new heights of.