5 things every buyer should know about electricity cable package


Date: March 7th

5 things every buyer should know about electricity cable package

Brief: This article talks about the importance of package and the commons problems of aluminum conductor and its similar products like aerial bundled cable, pvc/xlpe insulated cable etc within cable industry.

Electricity power cable including Aluminum or Aluminum alloy conductor and its series products (galvanized steel or aluminum alloy reinforced), Overhead insulated cable (some called aerial bundled cable aka ABC cable), pvc/xlpe insulated power cable etc, which were designed to used as primary or second-class conductor used for electricity power transmission and distribution application.

Most countries doesn’t manufacture these conductor and cables, because cable industry requires mineral, machinery, energy utilities and other industries support, which both physical hardware and technology are essential. If every country investigate their capital in all these industries, the cable they produced can be extremely expensive, so is the price listed on the terminal users monthly bills. And that’s not how the world works. So simply they just purchase and import from other countries especially from US, China or other locations.

There are different and many national electricity standards about how to producing, inspection, and installation about all these cables, but none of them talks about how the package should be done.

Why should I concern the package and why it is important?

  • Your should concern if you are importers.
  • Overseas transportation can be rough and bumpy.
    •  Risk of damage follows your business, nobody can control it, that’s why insurance was born with trade itself.
    •  A broken package may led your cable to deformation, watered, broken or completely lost and can not be found.
  • Port operation might be rough
    • Even it turns out to be fine for overseas shipping, port operation might be rough to cause cargo loss, your cables need protection.
    • Efficiency are called for port loading and unloading, sometimes it’s just drop-in and drop-out. A heavy stuff like cable reel need a strong wrapper.
    • A good package can make sure your conductor and cable stay intact and shows your terminal customers you are professionals.
  • Most important - Quality
    • Quality of conductor and cables matters the stability and durability of your national grids. No body likes a cheap but non-workable grids.
    • Quality also means business opportunities you would get in the future like government contract and pass for further tender.
  • Safe is better than sorry
    • Why everything should goes fine but take the risk?
    • Is it really necessary to save tinny cost from package?

As a top ranks aluminum/alloy conductor, cable and wires manufacturer, we have established canonical manuals and take serious policy for our daily package process. Still we receives new feedbacks about package improvement and additional requirements from our customers everyday and it’s keep coming. As a responsible company and we are always opened and keep listening suggestion to everyone about how to make package better and stronger, so our package team can take the best practice.

steel wooden drum structure

Now please allow me to introduce you 5 common problems in cable industry package.

  1. The wood material of flanges are different, fresh slab merged with obsolete.
    • The strength of your package are not defined by the fresh, but defined by the obsoleted slab used.
    • If obsoleted slabs are used, there will be no guarantee to the strength of package.
  2. Second-hand or third-hand boards are re-used for package.
    • These boards are eliminated by other industries like machinery or disassemble from other facilities or even abandoned crate, so you may find that you packages may be dirty and grease contaminated.
    • When a jerry-building comes to package, it can comes to the other parts of your products.
  3. No or faked fumigation.
    • For wooden package, most countries follows fumigation standards established by IPPC(International Plant Protection Convention), ISPM15 are mostly used for cable products.
    • If fumigation label marked on your reel are not clear or simply no mark then that means your package are not fumigation approved.
  4. Steel frame lacks of strength
    • For steel drum or steel-wooden drum, steel frame are involved to provide additional strength and protection for package especially for heavy duty conductor and cables.
    • Steel material should be high-strength carbon structure steel which can deal with impact from external force easily.
    • A deformed steel frame will cost you more in transportation and on-site installation, despite the loss of cable caused by damage are not included.
  5. No strip to the traverse or not a steel strip.
    • Commonly the traverse are seal with layers.
    • The overall surface should be taped with more than 2 galvanized steel strip (carbon structure steel cold formed) to provide additional strength. The thickness and width may vary with the size of reel but not less than 0.5mm and 30mm.

We are RMJT Cable - People’s Cable Group and we are always happy to share and listen to your inspirations. Hereby we clarify We do not have the problems above with our package. If you have better ideas about how to make the aluminum conductor, pvc/xlpe cable package better and stronger, please let us know. And please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about aluminum bare or insulated cable, pvc/xlpe armored or unarmored, we are always here to help.