400KM Shipped - Aerial Bundled Cable Shipping Day


400KM Shipped - Aerial Bundled Cable Shipping Day

400KM Aerial Bundled Cable - AKA ABC cable or Overhead insulated cable shipped today in 13 Shipping containers and departed for their destination.

These cable are tender project delivery for the upgrading to archive a better performance of state grids' electricity power distribution network. Before shipping, the clients and user issued a third-part inspection operated by SGS and the inspection authority has confirmed that the cargo meets the requirements of our clients in both electricity and physical performance and are good for delivery and further using in fields.

As top rank of conductor and cable manufactured based in China, we may not be the best in price competition however we always win with a better quality and after-sale services by aiming to establish a long-term business relationship with our clients who share the same value with us. If you are looking for one-night supplier, you may come to the wrong place. If you need a quality dedicated and stable output which may support in your chain and help you to expand your local marketing and win your customers, we will see what we could do to help. Hereby we promise, recall of any cables fail to meet the requirements of a sales contract and customers can ask for return purchase and fully refund if situation meets our terms and conditions when quality crisis occurred.

Products details of this delivery:

Aerial Bundled Cable According to IEC 60502 Standard

Specification: 1x25+54.6  1x35+54.6 3x25+54.6  3x35+54.6
Quantity: 400KM in length Shipped in 13 Containers
Destination: Southeast Asia