African power supply survey report released


 (Afrobarometer) which is a polling organization with Business covers 36 countries in Africa has recently released African power supply survey reported that in every 10 African people, only four people can enjoy a stable power supply, and rural areas in Africa, the vast majority of people still live in the darkness.
Many North African countries and Mauritius can realize stable power supply for most or all of the urban residents, which is it almost an exception in other Africa countries. In many African countries, the grid can only cover a fraction of the population.
According to the report, although for now, two-thirds of the African people able to connect to the grid, but please note: 70% of urban residents in some countries connected power grid, in rural areas in Africa, power coverage less than 10%. Even if is connected to the grid, they may not be able to obtain power.
According to the survey found that the grid in the family, only 69% of households can actually use electric power. In Nigeria, for example, 96% of households connected to the electricity grid, but only 18% of families actually use power more than half the time.
In Ghana, 87% of households connected to the electricity grid, but only 42% can obtain steady power, the actual use of electricity and guinea family ratio is lower, only 12%. Worse, such as Malawi, urban residents can get stable power ratio is only 7%.
However, there are some exceptions, such as Mauritius, reached 100%, 92% in Morocco, Egypt and Algeria reached 88%, Tunisia is 83%. South Africa's population grid coverage reached 95%, the actual power supply stable coverage ratio is 79%.
Burundi is the country with lowest coverage of Africa, which with only 17% of urban residents, not to mention the actual supply situation.