2018-2027 Latvia transmission system development plan approved


2018-2027 Latvia transmission system development plan approved

The Latvian Public Utilities Commission has officially approved the development of the 2018-2027 transmission system proposed by Augstsprieguma Tikls, a grid operator.

According to the development plan, 2018-2027, Augstsprieguma Tikls will invest 445 million euros to expand the Latvian transmission system.

Including the five power transmission projects have been laid, the cumulative investment has reached 224 million euros. The implementation of these projects also received financing from institutions such as the European Union.

At present, the third stage of the Kurzeme Ring transmission system project has received 55 million euros of EU financing; the third connection to Latvia and Estonia's transmission project also received the EU 63 million euros financing; connecting Riga TEC-2 thermal power station and Riga HES hydropower station access to the EU 1000 Million euros financing.