2016 Chile into the world's tenth largest solar capacity installed country


In 2016, Chile became the world's tenth largest solar photovoltaic capacity installed country, while ranked first in the Latin American countries.

"Last year, Chile increased 0.7 GW of solar capacity, with a cumulative installed capacity of 1.6 GW." REN21 (Renewable Energy Policy Network, 21st Century) released the Global Status Report on Renewable Energy 2017.

North America's second largest installed country is Mexico, 2016 new 150 megawatts capacity, the cumulative installed capacity of 0.3 GW.

The Mexican market is driven mainly by domestic first round tendering, although distributed systems account for at least one third of new capacity.

The report also predicted that by 2021 Mexico will become the world's seventh largest PV market.

In 2016, Chile's solar market development attracted attention. In a public auction, Spain Solarpack to 29.1 US dollars / MWh price gains 20 years of the project, a record low price of photovoltaic solar energy prices.

Bart Doyle, chief executive of mainstream renewable energy company Chile, said the expected decline in renewable energy costs and economies of scale will further boost the lower bid price of Chile's next round of public auctions. The next round of tender is expected in October.