2000km ABC Aerial Bundled cable packed and ready for Shipping


2000km ABC Aerial Bundled cable packed and ready for Shipping

About 2000 km Twisted Aerial Bundled Cable also know as service drop cable complete the manufacturing process and packed within reel, ready for shipping. Estimated time of departure is May 30th, so plenty of time has been spared and our delivery team are scheduled for the stowing the cable reels into the shipping containers.

These batch of ABC cable are packed in more than 400 wooden reels and are planed to loaded into 22 FEU shipping containers, will be shipped to Africa to support the electricity power grids upgrading project. The final initiated starting date will be someday on September.

Please check the video enclosed in this page and be noticed all the reels are well labeled and marked with products names and series numbers. Wooden reels has been fumigated. The reels are stored on the site within our factory loading area and covered with uv-proof and water-proof plastic fabric to keep them dry and clean. As the cables will be stored for months wait for unreel until the project starts to construction, our package team make sure the cable are covered with water-proof material inside the reel.

For additional protection to the cable reels, the uv-proof and water-proof plastic fabric will be shipped as attachment of package so our client can use and protect these cables and keep them in well statue til the installation comes.