15 TEUs of Cables Shipped as Scheduled


15 TEUs of Cables Shipped as Scheduled

Today 15 TEUs was shipped and a very busy day for our shipping and delivery team. Cables are packed with different reels. Bare aluminum-alloy conductor packed with steel-wooden reel, power cable packed with steel drum/reel. Our shipping loading team makes sure all these reels are properly organized and well fixed inside the containers. Its 3 days ahead of the cargo ship final departure, plenty time has been left and everything will goes smoothly.

+ Products:  AAAC Alliance Conductor
+ Quality: 13 TEUs (20 feet container)
+ Application: High Voltage Power Lines used in electricity power grids.
+ Specifications:
    * Strands Numbers: 7
    * Size: 125mm2
    * Length: 560km
    * Standard: ASTM B399
+ Destination: North American

+ Products:  Aluminum Conductor XLPE Insulated PVC Sheath Power Cable
+ Quality: 2 TEUs (20 feet container)
+ Application: uits for main or secondary power lines of overhead (aerial) installations, direct burial underground or in dust.
+ Specifications:
    * Cores: 4
    * Size: 400mm2
    * Length: 22km (12km 4C AL/XLPE/SWA/PVC Cable + 10km 4C AL/XLPE/PVC Cable)
+ Destination: North American