1400KM THHN Cable Shipped in 5 Containers Today


 1400KM THHN Cable Shipped in 5 Containers Today

About 1400 kilometers 16mm2 THHN cable for building and housing electricity applications has been shipped early today. 
Clients arrived our factory about 3 days ago and ran a complete cable and wire inspection, and confirmed cargo's qualified for their requirement and even exceed their anticipation in some specific electricity properties. The whole cargo inspection took almost a day and only left 2 days for arranging shipping order, which was solved with the help of our shipping agents.
THHN wire has several main distinctions compared to other building wire products. THHN uses a thinner PVC insulation which is a key factor in terms of its electrical properties. This thinner insulation can often lead to a current leakage and even a breakdown during chemical or environmental exposure.THHN building wire has grown in popularity since it is a cost effective alternative compared to other types of building wire such as XHHW building wire. 
The shipping process goes easy as all the THHN cable for this order has been transport from our main warehouse to the shipping area and all the containers almost arrives at the same time, so we don't have to wait, just loading one container by another as scheduled in the shipping plan by following the indicates which pallet should be loaded into which container. Despite the anchor fixing work within container, The whole loading process takes less than 1 hour, and it was completed before midday comes.
Now trucks are only their way to the port, and there still half and one day left before department, it may take 8-10 hours for trucks arriving at the port, so everything will be fine.
Products Details:
  • THHN Cable
  • Size: 7X1.71mm - 16mm2 Copper Conductor Stranded PVC (polyvinyl chloride) Insulation with Nylon Jacket
  • Quantity: 1400km
  • Destination: North Africa