Warmly welcome the new and old students to the people's cable to visit the exchange of Zhengzhou University


 Into the people's cable, into the wire and cable hall, is a feast of knowledge absorption and visual enjoyment;
Into the people's cable, the students really into the enterprise, in the field of study and learn from each other, exchange;
Into the people's cable, is a senior industrial and commercial management seminar, Zhengzhou University, an unforgettable teaching and Practice
Recently, Zhengzhou University, senior business management trainees into the people's cable group, began a day of visits to exchange activities. Cao Mingju, chairman of the people's cable group, said a warm welcome to the arrival of the students, while the group's headquarters are actively preparing for the family, warm reception.
Activities, the members of the seminar first of group company Museum, administrative office building, factory, workshop for a visit, commentator on business development, corporate culture and other aspects, a detailed introduction to the students, after the visit, students eat in the company, experience the food culture of the company.

People's cable group instructors to explain to the participants in the wire and cable experience Museum

People's cable group to explain to the students in the factory to explain the plant culture

Students visit the production workshop

In order to learn from the experience of the rapid development of the people's cable group in the face of adversity, the requirements of the students, the people's Cable Group Chairman Cao Mingju and students to carry out the share exchange forum. At two o'clock in the afternoon, the forum began, seminar participants first self introduction, enhance mutual understanding; Renmin cable group chairman Cao Mingju from group brand strategy, corporate culture, team building, long-range plan to the students share business stories of people cable group; students with their entrepreneurial practice and puts forward the relevant, we speak freely, a warm atmosphere.

Cao Mingju, chairman of the people's cable group and students discussion exchanges

Cao Mingju, chairman of the people's cable group and the students took a group photo