1 TEU Shipped Today and We Can Do More


1 TEU Shipped Today and We Can Do More

Today we shipped 1 TEU (20 feet container) of ACSR and AAC conductor. This cable are all aluminum conductor stranded and suitable for used as power lines for power transmission under high voltage.

All those cable are packed with wood drum and Our shipping loading and delivery department makes certain all these reels are correctly arranged in the container and every reel are well fixed to keep the drums steady for overseas transportation.

+ Product:
    + ACSR Rabbit Conductor (Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced)
    + AAC Conductor Ant
    + AAC Conductor Gnat
+ Application: As power lines to transmit high voltage and extra high voltage electricity current in long distance.
+ Specifications:
    * ACSR Rabbit Conductor
        - Strands: 6/1/3.35mm
        - Size: 50mm2
        - Length: 70km
        - Standard: ASTM B232
    * AAC Conductor Ant
        - Strands: 7/3.10mm
        - Size: 50mm2
        - Length: 90km
        - Standard: ASTM B231
    * AAC Conductor Gnat
        - Strands: 7/2.21mm
        - Size: 25mm2
        - Length: 130km
        - Standard: ASTM B231
+ Destination: Middle East